I use Chromebooks.

I do all sorts of weird things with computers, networks, systems, radios, etc. This leads me to building and maintaining all sorts of machines. I have no less than 4 independent full hardware virtualization technologies that I interact with on a daily basis. I find this annoying.

I really hate sysadmining machines. I do it a lot.

On top of that, I have a rough understanding of both how bad software is, and hostile the Internet is. I’d really like my endpoint to be trustworthy. I’m pretty sure I can’t get that right now, but I might be able to find some acceptable middle ground options.

Things I’ve evaluated might make my endpoint more trustworthy:

  • QubesOS
  • ChromeOS on a Chromebook

I did try all of them. Of the three, only ChromeOS I can get commercial support on, either for the OS or for additional services on top of it. Examples include VPN, hardware support, and consumer media consumption. Did I mention that I hate sysadmining. I don’t have to sysadmin my ChromeOS machines. They either work for the purpose at hand, or they don’t work at all.

So, yes, I’m on Chromebooks as the primary machine for the foreseeable future. Chromebooks, and a lot of purpose built machines to do all the odd stuff.

Right now, I own the Chromebook Pixel LTE (which I’m writing this on now), the Chromebook Pixel LS, and a pair of Lenovo X131e Chromebooks. I reach for these computers first now. When they fail (and I’ve had 3 warranty replacements of the Pixels) they fail in spectacular ways, and that’s what hardware support is for. The rest of the time, they just work, and work in an expected and predictable way.

For my next installment in this particular madness, I realized I could change the hardware configuration on the x131e platform in entertaining ways. I’m experimenting, and I’ll be sharing the crazy with you, my dear reader.

But for now, I hate sysadmining, I like endpoint security, and Chromebooks make the best trade off I can get today.

Still haven’t talked my family into them, however.