Migration to WordPress

Since I have a new job where I’m running several hundred WordPress sites, I decided I should seriously dogfood this plan.   The infrastructure running this blog is now a small scale version of the stuff I’m building for work.

Expect experimentations.  Disruptive diagnostics will happen here.

Overlay networks for fun and retrocomputing

For several years, a small group of friends and I have been considering building a private overlay network for operation of our more esoteric, old, or weird networking needs. The work once again fell by the wayside as life happens, but once again, the discussion came up. Rather than attempting to brainstorm the ideas up again, I’m writing it down this time so we can start thinking about setting up the bits again, this time more organized.

Additionally, as I’ve changed jobs and spend more of my time sysadmining, I need a network project to remind me how networking works.

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I use Chromebooks.

I do all sorts of weird things with computers, networks, systems, radios, etc. This leads me to building and maintaining all sorts of machines. I have no less than 4 independent full hardware virtualization technologies that I interact with on a daily basis. I find this annoying.

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